My work is an exploration of the poetics of the body, expressed through movement and voice; the two physical and perceivable occurrences produced by our body that generate meaning.
My choreographic enquiry has to do with creating form and meaning through likely and unlikely interactions of sound and movement, thought and action, sign and occurrence. 
My current project is called The Afterlife: a very accomplished failure. Afterlife will be a cluster made of vivid yet minimal scenes, mostly quite absurd.
My language has always embraced the absurd, my subject matters the pointless, the ephemeral, and the perpetual.
Afterlife has been on R&D since 2015. A number of avenues have been explored, and more than a hundred people have been looked at or listened to. About a hundred chairs have been employed in different tasks on different locations and a dozen artists have kindly joined at different stages of the process. 
So far the thanks extend to The Place, The Wellcome Reading Room, the Manchester Metropolitan University, Axis Centre, LCDS, and the artists; Lola Maury, Alberto Ruiz Soler, Eleanor Sikorski, Emilia Gasiorek, James Morgan, Antonio de la Fe, Hamish Macpherson, Janine Proost, Manuela Sarcone, Daniel Persson, Celina Liesegang, Giorgia Pirozzi, Jose Tomás Torres Vásquez, Despina Patsika, Marcell Proske, Elena Reilent.

Dancers in the video: Emilia Gasiorek, James Morgan, Janine Proost, Celina Liesegang.