My Other Life (previously Afterlife, Skydaddy and 50 chairs)

Research at the Wellcome Reading Room
Wellcome Trust, January-May 2016
Interviewing strangers at the Wellcome Reading Room I meet some really wonderful people. 'My Other Life' Research and Development period commences.
Posted by Eva Recacha on Friday, 22 January 2016
'moving furniture' @Wellcome Reading Room
'moving furniture' @Wellcome Reading Room

Research and Performance with MMU students
Manchester Metropolitan University, February 2016
Axis Arts Centre, February 2016

The Wishing Well performances in 2016

29th May 2016, Arc for Dance Festival, Athens (Greece)

Wishing Well - Trailer from Martha Pasakopoulou on Vimeo.

23rd March 2016, Δημοτικό Θέατρο Καλαμαριάς (Tessaloniki, Greece)

11th February 2016, Axis Centre (Crewe, Manchester)