THE VERY HUMAN BEING (II)- CSC Bassano del Grappa

Residency at Centro Per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa with Simon Ellis.

A human being as a commodity.
See him dance for you.
See him fulfil your desires.
He's at your disposal.
He's at your mercy.

Supported by Centro Per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa, The Place, Modul Dance.

Previous R&D at the Place:

Eva Recacha project - some brief dancing from Simon Ellis on Vimeo.

EASY RIDER - The Place

Easy Rider - Trailer from Eva Recacha on Vimeo.

Easy Rider reflects upon faith, tradition and delusion. Eva Recacha looks at the human compulsion to engage with superstitious beliefs and practices in the pursuit of happiness. Creating a concoction of religion, customs and self-help manuals.
In Easy Rider, Eva draws on first-hand observations of ritualistic behaviour in her native Spain. Much like her Place Prize Finals 2013 piece, Easy Rider is a theatrical rite, an unraveling of the pure essence of our need to belong. It reflects our own beliefs and passions in a raw and haunting way.

Review:  Conviction and Daring in Eva Recacha's Easy Rider
Visit: Easy Rider blog

This event is part of Spring Loaded 2014. Visit The Place website for more details and to book tickets.
‘Recacha is a talent to watch’ londondance.com

Concept and Choreography: Eva Recacha
Sound Art: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Text: Eleanor Sikorski
Lighting: Jackie Shemesh
Design: Kasper Hansen
Performers: Antonio de la Fe, Lola Maury, Alberto Ruiz Soler, Eleanor Sikorski.
Production Manager: Marco Cifre
Costume Supervisor: Sophie Bellin Hansen

Easy Rider. Photo Camilla Greenwell

Easy Rider. Photo Camilla Greenwell

Easy Rider. Photo Camilla Greenwell

Easy Rider. Photo Camilla Greenwell

WILD CARD - Sadler's Wells Theatre

Choreographer and twice Place Prize finalist, Eva Recacha presents the second Wild Card evening on Thursday 27 March. She curates and presents an evening entitled Dear Devil exploring themes of authority, power, subjugation and rebellion. This programme aims to question our perception of how we relate to one another in different arenas, specifically opening a debate on how the dance world deals with hierarchy and the division of roles between dancers and choreographers. Originally from Spain, Recacha has established herself as an emerging artist with a distinctive voice. She has been commissioned to create work for Edge, DanceXchange, Bloomberg SPACE and the Opera Estate Festival in Veneto.
Recacha’s evening features work from emerging dance makers including the UK premiere of a new duet by Colin, Simon and I; a new film installation and live performance by the collective Dog Kennel Hill Project (Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta) who recently presented Tug on a canal boat at Dance Umbrella 2013; and Recacha’s own 2013 Place Prize piece The Wishing Well, featuring the soloist Martha Passakopoulou.

Review: http://exeuntmagazine.com/reviews/wild-card-eva-recacha-dear-devil/
Eva Recacha. Photo Camilla Greenwell

Dog  Kennel Hill Project. Photo Camilla Greenwell

Colin, Simon and I. Photo Camilla Greenwell

Eva Recacha/Dancer Martha Pasakopoulou. Photo Camilla Greenwell