THE WISHING WELL - Place Prize 2013

Winner of the Audience Prize 25.04.13
Winner of the Audience Prize 23.04.13
Winner of the Audience Prize 17.04.13

Place Prize Shows 17-27th April 2013 at The Place

Concept & Choreography: Eva Recacha
Sound: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Text: Eva Recacha
Lighting and Production Management: Gareth Green
Dancer: Martha Pasakopoulou

Reviews: The Wishing Well at the Place Prize 2013 Finals

The Observer
"Eva Recacha's The Wishing Well is a solo for Martha Pasakopoulou, in which the dancer evokes the fleeting dreams, hopes and prayers of a child. Many of the movements are inchoate, dissolving almost as soon as grasped; there are repetitive tics, sternly and frowningly addressed, and sudden whims, expressed in breezily formless rushes of activity. What Recacha shows us, with precision and the lightest of touches, is that for a child, thought, word and action are one, indivisible."
28 April 2013 by Luke Jennings

The Stage
"A hot contender for the top vote must have been Eva Recacha’s Wishing Well, perhaps the most successful piece of the evening in terms of choreography, character, structure and clarity. Recacha has noticeably put the audience rather than her own intentions first, and has made a piece for them, which allows them into the work and takes them on a journey. The solo work performed by the captivating, open-faced and gorgeous Martha Pasakopoulou is sharp and well formed. She sings, plays jump rope, skips, hops and balances, traversing the space with a child-like guise, sweet, smiley and bouncy-light. We witness the transformation of her character through times tables to the tempestuous teen years, angrily pounding her fists in the air, forming strong opinion, and swaying sensually to the Macarena song. The process from a childish desire to make wishes to a more thorough understanding of the world, but still keeping the need to dream alive, is simple, enchanting, clear and well conceived."
19 April 2013 by Katie Colombus

"Place Prize 2013 final was best of contemporary dance"

"The standout performer of the night was Martha Pasakopoulou, dancing previous finalist Eva Recacha’s The Wishing Well."
19 April 2013 by Keith Watson

"Essentially a fragmented, lively musing on the language, nature and preoccupations of childhood – with more than a dash of Burrows and Fargion-style wordplay – it has an infectiously sunny spring in its step, and yet builds to a surprisingly bittersweet close. Plenty of promise there."
20 April 2013 by Mark Monahan

SPECIMEN 1 - Choreodrome 2013 at The Place

A video project with Hamish MacPherson. Work in progress.

Specimen 1 from Eva Recacha on Vimeo.

'Specimen 1' is a re-enactment of a political speech given by Hitler in 1934 during the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. It was included in the 1935 propaganda film Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl. 
Specimen 1 looks at the subject devoid of context in the act of celebrating and communicating power. This is the first of a planned series of short videos looking at political speeches by the artist.
Made at The Place
First showed at Wild Card, Sadler's Wells 27.03.14

THE VERY HUMAN BEING (I) - Choreodrome 2013 at The Place

A 2 week research in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Simon Ellis

Eva Recacha project - some brief dancing from Simon Ellis on Vimeo.

Touch Wood performance at The Place on the 20th August at 7pm.

Eva Recacha Featured by ACE